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A message from DLD Insurance Brokers, Inc. Founder, Chairman and CEO, Dana Dowers:

Trust is not only hard to earn, it is hard to find.


All my life, I have been fortunate to have lived and worked with exceptional people.  My family, friends, and professional colleagues have shaped, encouraged, and inspired me in so many ways to be the person I have become. As unique as these relationships are, each and every one of them is built on the same foundation—mutual trust.

Trust is the one thing that changes everything. In business and in life, trust enables relationships to flourish when each party genuinely respects the other. When people say what they mean and do what they promise to do, the caliber of the company they keep will inevitably be high. I feel very lucky for the relationships I have built over the years and I am truly honored by the exceptional quality of the people and businesses with whom I have built strong, lasting partnerships.

At DLD, building and maintaining our clients’ trust is what matters most to us, in fact, it is our single most important objective.

Our employees know that your expectations are high. You can count on DLD to deliver. Our staff considers every interaction with you as an opportunity to demonstrate how seriously they take the trust you have placed in DLD.

To all the hallmark clients we have been so privileged to represent over the past 30 years: I extend a heartfelt thank you for trusting in DLD.


Dana L. Dowers
Founder, Chairman and CEO

About Dana Dowers:

After working at two of the nation’s largest insurance firms, Dana Dowers founded DLD Insurance Brokers, Inc. in 1989. He wanted to create a firm that truly cares about each client. He wanted to take a personal, customized approach rather than view clients as mere transactions.  The results has been a team of technical experts who enjoy working in an environment that inspires loyalty, strong ethics, and creative thinking.

Dowers is an innovator who has unequivocally changed the global landscape of construction insurance with the Statutory Completed Operations Extension coverage. As President and CEO of DLD Insurance Brokers, Inc., Dowers guides the strategic direction of the company while actively engaging with clients. While working hard for his clients, Dowers’ heart and mind are always in a place of community service for future generations.

One of Dowers’ greatest joys is giving back to the community that has provided so much opportunity for his family and business to thrive. While he counts himself fortunate to have found great fulfillment in his thriving professional life, he is primarily a proud father and a family man. Dowers’ true passion is enriching children’s lives so that they may realize their full potential. He has been an active philanthropist with many national and local organizations as well as an advocate and sponsor of children’s sports teams for decades. He finds nothing more rewarding than aiding a child in achieving their dreams—no matter how big or small.