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In this global economy, your business can change in minutes.

DLD will be there to ensure your coverage keeps up with the pace.

Whether your product is a widget or a large, complex device, our manufacturing team is capable and ready to accommodate your needs. We have extensive experience serving clients with sophisticated business structures so we are the right choice to help protect your business. We recognize that your business must adhere to domestic insurance requirements, can cross international borders, and is a well-honed machine in its own right. Our specialty is taking the extra care necessary to ensure your business is well-protected. We will grow and adapt your insurance program in accordance with your needs, through changes at your company, as well as in your industry and the economy. We invest in our clients throughout their journey, and we are passionate about supporting your growth.

We bolster our clients’ ability to thrive by establishing the proper risk management program. We are experts with large-loss claims scenarios, product recall, and the special liabilities of discontinued products. Above all, our attention to detail and commitment to helping your business succeed is what makes us different.

DLD welcomes the opportunity to audit your insurance program, earn your trust, and become your partner.

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