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Risk Management Services

One of our top priorities at DLD is collaborating with our clients to manage risk. We have seen firsthand how they benefit from our service and distinctive expertise. We review business and management practices thoroughly, and then we recommend coverage according to the client’s individual needs.

As a risk management partner, we adhere to a proven technique for each client, customizing where necessary.


Our process includes:
  • Conducting reviews of each exposure and its insurable value, preparing extensive and thorough specifications to solicit proposals from insurance carriers each year, and reviewing and analyzing them for competitive terms.
  • Facilitating the development of relationships between our clients and the insurance carrier underwriters involved with the account.
  • Providing continuous insurance coverage education and risk mitigation advice to our clients.
  • Analyzing and developing industry-specific insurance requirements such as contracts with subcontractors, tenants, third party managers, vendors, and loan grantors.
  • Reviewing and negotiating lender requirements.
  • Handling claims from discovery to final settlement including facilitating alternative avenues of recovery, coordinating with insurance carrier adjusters, and assisting in claims management by providing regular summaries and reports dictated by each client’s needs.
  • Meticulously collaborating with both clients and insurance carriers to coordinate loss control inspections, review past issues and resolutions, and stay ahead of the curve with client-specific challenges and anticipated changes.
  • Vigilantly monitoring changes in legal requirements and precedents, loss control items, and insurance industry shifts, allowing us to provide detailed analysis and advice.

Our core team of career insurance professionals take great pride in providing outstanding service. We see ourselves as an extension of your organization and strive to grow with you as your needs continue to develop and evolve.  We are excited to add risk management value to your business, so that you have the freedom to continue making your company great.

DLD welcomes the opportunity to audit your insurance program, earn your trust, and become your partner.

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